Apocalypse McCain? Victory Would Bring "All Four Horsemen"

Wisdom from Sunday Book Review cover story writer Robert Stone: "If McCain wins, history is here big time, scythe, sackcloth and all four horsemen."

NYT Bluntly Calls McCain Accusations Against Obama "False"

No journalistic niceties need be applied when defending Barack Obama. And do Times reporters actually watch "The View"?

Wall Street Journal Fails to Identify GOP-Bashing Author as Gay Activist

James Kirchick's column comes straight out of the homosexual political playbook.

Rohter Rides to Obama's Defense on "Distorted...Discredited" Sex-Ed Charges

Reporter Larry Rohter's pro-Obama fact-checking: McCain's accusations "seriously distort the record....old and discredited accusations." As if Barack Obama and Joe Biden never make faulty ...

And This Year's Award for Bad Metaphor Goes to...

John McCain, "the happy captive"?

CNN Parrots Dems on Republicans and Economy

Cable network promotes negative economic news; wrongly accuses GOP of avoiding the issue.

Seelye Shrugs Off Dem. Ed Rendell's "Big Lie" Smear of McCain

Pennsylvania's Democratic Gov. Ed Rendell accused the McCain camp of employing "the Big Lie strategy."

The Cost of Killing Palinzilla

The liberal media's all-out assault on the faith and character of the GOP vice presidential nominee comes at a steep price: credibility.

Notable Quotables - 09/08/2008

The "Fraudulent...Fiction" of the McCain-Palin Ticket

Conservatives are happy, and columnist Frank Rich is spitting mad.
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