Oops: CNN Contributor Gets Oil Estimate Wrong By 19 Billion Barrels

Writer Steve Hargreaves tells viewers exploration and drilling would have a 'negligible' difference because there are 'maybe a million barrels offshore.'

Times Makes Obama's Hawaiian Vacation a True Day at the Beach

Even while the candidate's on vacation, the Obama camp gets more and better coverage than does John McCain.

Reporter: McCain Played Race Card Defending Himself Against Obama Accusation

Can't win alert: According to Michael Powell, when the McCain camp accused Barack Obama of playing the race card, it was itself playing the race card.

McCain's "Dangerous" "Hard Line" Against Russia

Damned if you do...McCain's hard line against Russia is called dangerous - but the Times also runs a front-page story asking why hasn't George helped Georgia yet.

Notable Quotables - 08/11/2008

Bumiller Czechs Up on Old John McCain "Gaffe," Raises Age Issue

Bumiller raises the age issue and recycles her own old attacks on McCain: "Mr. McCain has made a number of verbal gaffes in recent months, including referring three times to Czechoslovakia, a ...

MSNBC Host Says McCain Joke 'Perpetuates' Energy Problems

Witt defends Obama's exaggeration on saving gas, encourages McCain to 'leave it alone.'

CNN, Time Give Traction to Obama's Tire Exaggeration

Journalists use stretched data and low oil estimates in defense of Democratic presidential candidate's air pressure substitute for drilling.

An Anti-Bush Sr. Urban Legend Lives On - "Overly Impressed" at Grocery Scanner

It's awful to spread myths about Barack Obama, but just fine to spread them about Bush Sr.? "Mr. McCain's sense of wonder evoked the episode in the early 1990s when George H. W. Bush became overly ...

Oh Boy: Columnist Bob Herbert Seeing "Phallic Symbols" in McCain Ad

It's going to be a long campaign.
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