Sprightly Obama, Slogging McCain

Compare and contrast: "As he races across the country in the climax of a marathon campaign, Senator Barack Obama has honed a final message calling on America to 'turn the page'..." vs. "In these ...

Obama Confuses Black 1970s Sitcoms in NC Speech

In attempt to 'move on up' to the White House, candidate's folksy class warfare speech confuses 'Sanford and Son' with 'The Jeffersons.'

Desperate McCain Reduced to Calling Obama a "Redistributionist"

Katharine Seelye: "You know a campaign is reaching when it starts calling the opponent a 'redistributionist,' as Mr. McCain said of 'Barack the wealth-spreader.'"

Left, Media Try to Cook Up a New New Deal

Attacks on capitalism, reverence for FDR bypass experts who say anti-market policies prolonged Great Depression.

Stephanopoulos Notes McCain's Dramatic Gain on Economic Issues

ABC correspondent reports GOP presidential candidate improves on economy in ABC/WaPo poll, says Democrats must win on taxes.

Frank Rich Defends White America Against McCain-Palin's Racist Appeals

Frank Rich defends white Americans, now that they're supporting Obama: "Such human nuances are lost on conservative warriors of the Allen-McCain-Palin ilk. They see all Americans as only white or ...

The Nation Describes 'Rich Old White Men' as the 'Problem'

Liberal magazine cites New York Times-CBS News poll that labels annual income of $50,000 'rich' and over 45 'old.'

McCain Campaign "Stoking" Unjust Fears of Vote Fraud

Katharine Seelye: McCain's comments "threw another log onto a fire already burning in the conservative blogosphere and on talk radio..."

Charles Barkley Predicts 'Reverse Bradley Effect'

Former NBA star says race will play role on Election Day, but thinks some may look beyond because Obama presidency benefits them economically.

Obama Camp Blasts Fox News, Drudge Report for Driving Socialism Complaints

Democrat spokesman statement and appears on 'America's Election HQ' to accuse outlets of 'trumping up' charges about redistributing wealth.
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