Conn. Town to ABC's Liberal Hidden Video Show: Get Out

What Would You Do?, an ABC News hidden camera program that often engineers scenarios to expose the supposed bigotry of Americans, was asked on Wednesday to stop filming by the town of Greenwich, ...
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Media Protecting "Food Stamp President" Obama By Ignoring Growing Food Stamp Crisis

MRC Study Finds Virtually No Coverage of Tragedy of 44 Million Americans On Government Food Assistance

ABC's Prank News Show Hunts for Secret, Anti-Gay Bigotry in a NJ Diner

ABC's undercover news show, What Would You Do, on Friday continued to search for examples of bigotry across America. Anchor John Quinones narrated a segment featuring two men pretending to be gay ...

ABC Sets Up Sting Operation to Find Racism in AZ Immigration Law, Hires Actor to Play a Bigot

ABC and reporter John Quinones on Thursday stretched the bounds of journalism, hiring an actor to play a racist security guard as a way of testing how the people of Arizona would react to the ...
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