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Comcast Goes Further Left, Helps Fund JournoLister Ezra Klein’s $10M Startup

MSNBC parent had liberal on network 90 times in past year.

Paul Krugman on the JournoList? It Would Explain a Lot

Times Watch has long marveled at how quickly economist and columnist Paul Krugman become a reliable purveyor of talking points from the leftist blogosphere. Turns out he was subscribed to ...

JournoList Erodes Media Prestige

Liberal journalists in this crowd discredit the media, since they favor only discourse that "serves the people" -- meaning, a "debate" that advances the ball for socialism. Any other uncooperative ...

Now That's Funny: NYT Columnist Accuses Other Media Outlets of 'Tilting the Field'

David Carr, talking about conservative new media...or does he mean the New York Times?: "But what is emerging is more of a permanent crusade, where information is not only power, but a means to a ...

Why No Public Love for Obama's "Many Acomplishments"?

Vol. 23, No. 15
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