Behar Ridicules Christians, Insists She Doesn't Ridicule Christians

HLN host dismisses claim she's anti-Christian as 'crazy talk.'

Behar: Liberal Opinions Come from Being Smart; Conservatives Closed-Minded

Liberal CNN HLN host in one-on-one interview on 'CBS News Sunday Morning' parades elitist view of conservatives.

Behar: Prayer 'Takes the Place of Thinking'

'The View' co-host says prayer replaces logic, calls it 'dangerous'

Behar: Palin Made Her Children Targets, 'Passing That Kid Out More Than a Joint at a Grateful Dead Concert'

On Wednesday's Joy Behar Show, HLN host Behar defended Joe McGuinniss's claim that Sarah Palin had used "Nazi" tactics against him, and suggested that Palin made her children into targets by ...

Joy Behar on Prayer: What's the 'Difference Between' Bush and Terrorists?

HLN host compares George W. Bush's prayer defense of Iraq with terrorists talking to Allah.

Behar Compares Arizona Immigration Law to 'Gay Bashing' and 'Fascism'

'Joy Behar Show' includes only opponents of state immigration law.

Griffin Appears on 'Joy Behar' to Discuss Her Televised Pap Smear

Comedians fail to talk about importance of test and simply make crude jokes about 'vajazzling.'

Behar Claims Liberals More Intelligent and Open-Minded Than Conservatives

The latest edition of CBS's "Sunday Morning" featured a glowing profile of "The View" co-host Joy Behar in which the stand-up comic implied that conservatives are not intelligent and insisted that ...
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