Jerusalem Bureau Chief Pits 'J Street' Doves vs. Hawks of 'Extreme Right'

Ethan Bronner: "[Professor Shlomo Avineri] added that the extreme right in Israel had always insisted that criticism of Israeli policy was unpatriotic. Now, the extreme right has more power than ...

Journos Slam Liberal 'Pro-Israel' Group for Lying About Soros Money

J Street misled media on ties to Soros for years.

Reporter Paul Vitello Calls Pro-Israel American Jews 'Slavish'

Classy word choice: "...a newly outspoken wing of Israel supporters has begun to challenge the old-school reflexive support of the country's policies, suggesting that one does not have to be ...

A "Formidable," "Muscular" Pro-Israel PAC

Scary stuff about a pro-Israel lobby: "The site of the conference, the Washington Convention Center, is conveniently, and symbolically, about equally close to the White House and the Capitol, the ...

Painting New Dovish Israel Lobby as "Pro-Israel" and Moderate

Reporter Neil Lewis advertised the formation of an alleged "pro-Israel lobby" but left off the part about its stated opposition to what it calls "the far right."
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