CNN's Cafferty Quotes Liberal Columnist to Suggest Gingrich Is 'Clueless' About African-Americans

On Tuesday's The Situation Room, CNN commentator Jack Cafferty pulled from a Daily Beast column to suggest that GOP candidate Newt Gingrich is "clueless" about African-Americans.

CBS's Smith Wonders If Tea Party 'Losing' Its Appeal, More Sunday Pleas to Raise Taxes

"Do you think the Tea Party is losing some of its appeal?" So Harry Smith cued up a hardly independent guest on Sunday's Face the Nation: Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Chair of the DNC. Meanwhile, ...

Juan Williams Refers to the 'Murder' of bin Laden

While discussing what role President Bush and enhanced interrogations played in the death of Osama bin Laden, Fox News Sunday panelist Juan Williams referred to the terrorist's death as "murder."

Journalists Denounce Ryan for Not Raising Taxes: 'Rich Get Off Like Scoundrels,' Slam Tea Party as 'Far Right' Impediment

A round-up from over the weekend of journalists denouncing Republican Congressman Paul Ryan for not including a big tax hike in his deficit-reduction plan and discrediting the Tea Party's pressure ...

Juan Williams Offers Simple Solution to Deficit: 'We Just Have to Tax People'

In an argument which would make his ex-NPR colleagues proud, Juan Williams took to Fox News Sunday to push for tax hikes to reduce the deficit. Scolding Brit Hume, an exasperated Williams ...

On Fox, Juan Williams Calls GOP Presidential Field 'Weak' and Insists Palin 'Can't Stand on the Intellectual Stage with Obama'

"This is such a weak field," Fox News analyst Juan Williams declared during a Fox News Sunday look at potential 2012 GOP presidential candidates, prompting an appalled Bill Kristol to mock: "Yeah, ...

Bozell Column: NPR's Religion Double Standard

NPR said Juan Williams' comments about "Muslim garb" were a firing offense, but they can be as insulting as they want toward Christians, and no one gets punished.

Hume Excoriates NPR's 'Howling Double Standard' and Intolerance for a 'Bill Cosby Liberal'

On Fox News Sunday, Brit Hume condemned NPR for its "howling double standard" in firing Juan Williams for expressing an opinion, a standard "manifestly not being applied to other NPR people." He ...

Krauthammer Directly Challenges Totenberg on NPR's 'Hypocrisy' in Firing Juan Williams While Letting Her Opine Freely

"Why is it okay for Nina to express opinions, as she has tartly, sharply, unashamedly and openly" while serving as "an honored correspondent" for NPR, while Juan Williams, "because he expresses ...
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