With Huckabee, Times Now Feels Free to Make 'Willie Horton' an Issue

The Times never forgave the GOP for using murderer Willie Horton against Mass. Gov. Michael Dukakis. But with Republican Mike Huckabee facing a similar problem over a clemency that ended in ...

Kate Zernike on Sarah Palin Fans Packing 'Anger'

Conservative anger: Don't leave home without it! "They brought their sleeping bags, their children, homemade chocolate Cheerios bars, and balloons to twist into animal shapes and hats for the ...

In Florida, 'Far Right' Is 'Hounding' GOP To Back Conservatives

Reporter Kate Zernike, previously known for ardent defenses of failed presidential candidate John Kerry, finds that moderate Florida Republican Gov. Charlie Crist has become, as a front-page ...

Palin's "Foreign Policy Tutorials" - But Obama Didn't Need Any?

Kate Zernike: "Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska completed Day 2 of her foreign policy tutorials on Wednesday..."

Zernike's Flawed Fact-Checking of Sarah Palin

Kate Zernike complains about lack of access to Palin and says: "She sticks to her script, even when the facts are in dispute."

NYT Questions Palin's "Parenting"; Bumiller Flubs Palin's AIP "Membership"

Reporter Kate Zernike (pictured) in a podcast wonders why Sarah Palin accepted McCain's invitation given that she had a pregnant teen-age daughter, and Elisabeth Bumiller's front-page story ...

Zernike Lauds "Charismatic," "Inspiring Speaker" Dem. Tim Kaine

Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine, a potential Obama running mate gets typically warm, almost heroic, treatment.

NYT Attacks Term "Swift Boating" After Years of Using It

Reporter Kate Zernike, the Times most ardent John Kerry defender, finds another front from which to launch attacks on the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.

Zernike: Dishonest Charges by Swift Boat Vets "Undermined" in 2004

Reporter Kate Zernike again portrayed the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth as sleazy liars whose charges against John Kerry were "undermined" in 2004.

Hillary's "Ruthlessness" Keeps Her Fighting Against St. Obama

To attack Hillary Clinton's "ruthlessness," the Times takes an unusual angle of painting the liberal-loathed Whitewater prosecutor Ken Starr as a victim.
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