Times Tries (and Fails) to Rebut Fact Obama-Care Will Pay for Abortions

Reporter Katharine Seelye quotes not one but two Planned Parenthood staffers to rebut a Family Research Council claim that taxpayers would have to pay for abortions.

"Almost Entirely White and Irritable Crowd" of "Angry" Obama-Care Protesters

After years of celebrating liberal protesters, the Times shudders as an "almost entirely white and irritable crowd" of "angry" conservatives hassle Democratic Sen. Arlen Specter about Obama-care.

Specter One of a "Dwindling Band of Republican Moderates"

Haven't they dwindled away yet? The Times first used the phrase "dwindling band of Republican moderates" back in 1996.

Times Can't Decide if Ward "Little Eichmanns" Churchill Is Unpatriotic

Kirk Johnson and Katharine Seelye leave the question open about a professor who likened the victims of 9-11 to Nazis: "Is Mr. Churchill, as his supporters contend, a torchbearer for the right to ...

Excusing Obama's Forgettable Race Speech: It Was Big on YouTube

Katharine Seelye defended Obama's eloquence: "Mr. Obama's speech in March in Philadelphia on race, for instance, was not instantly quotable, but was memorable for the fact of it and praised by ...

Obama Wins IN, VA, NH, NM? Bad for McCain. McCain Wins PA? Anti-Obama Racism

Double standards on the front page on Election Day from Katharine Seelye. While Obama wins in Indiana, Virginia, and other states would be a "disaster" for McCain, a McCain win in Pennsylvania ...

McCain's Push for (White) Votes in Philly

Katharine Seelye underlines McCain's alleged racial appeals: "As the Republicans try to map out ways in which Mr. McCain could pull off an upset, they see fertile ground in some enclaves in ...

Desperate McCain Reduced to Calling Obama a "Redistributionist"

Katharine Seelye: "You know a campaign is reaching when it starts calling the opponent a 'redistributionist,' as Mr. McCain said of 'Barack the wealth-spreader.'"

Supreme Confusion on Palin and the "Right to Privacy"

In Timesland, "privacy" = abortion: "Ms. Palin did not say how she could believe in a right to privacy and oppose Roe v. Wade."

Sarah "No Foreign Policy Experience" Palin - But What About Bill?

Is the governor of Alaska and VP pick held to a higher standard on foreign policy than Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton was during his first campaign for president?
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