Watch Your Back, Barack: McCain Will "Distort" Your Views in Debate

Reporter Katharine Seelye warns that John McCain is "handy with the rhetorical shiv" in debates and tells Obama to expect to have his views distorted by McCain.

Seelye Shrugs Off Dem. Ed Rendell's "Big Lie" Smear of McCain

Pennsylvania's Democratic Gov. Ed Rendell accused the McCain camp of employing "the Big Lie strategy."

Laura Ingraham Points the Finger (Literally) at NYT's "Entrenched Elite"

Katharine Seelye gets more than she bargained for at a pro-life convention gathering.

NYT Questions Palin's "Parenting"; Bumiller Flubs Palin's AIP "Membership"

Reporter Kate Zernike (pictured) in a podcast wonders why Sarah Palin accepted McCain's invitation given that she had a pregnant teen-age daughter, and Elisabeth Bumiller's front-page story ...

Was John Kerry "Swiftboated" in 2004?

No surprise in the Times' choice of verb.

NYT Denies Anti-McCain Bias in the Media

Also: The Times cites the Media Research Center for the 52nd time. For the 52nd time, the Media Research Center was labeled "conservative" or "right-wing."

Right-Wing Media Watchdogs Can't Handle the Truth

The Times lets the left-wing blogosphere redefine "traditional media" and put the badge of shame on Fox News while citing Keith Olbermann as an objective source.

Times Takes Anti-Hillary "Sexism" Charges Seriously

Prodded by feminists, the Times and the rest of the media wonder if its coverage of Hillary was sexist and unfair, while admitting to "euphoric" converage of Obama.

Reporter Admits SNL Effect on Press Coverage of Hillary

"Over the last few days, the tone of the Democratic contest seems to have shifted, with Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign more buoyant and Senator Barack Obamas more defensive. That shift ...

Seelye Celebrates Two New (Unlabeled) Lefty Journalism Projects

"We're taking a look today at two new Web ventures that could help change how politics is covered." But the two sites are staffed almost exclusively by liberal and Democratic activists -what kind ...
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