NY Times Lets Liberals Boost Obama Admin. Attack on Religious Groups

John H. Cushman, Jr. of the New York Times almost completely slanted to the left in his Friday article about the Obama administration's decision to force religious organizations to include free ...

NBC and CBS Frame 'Morning-After' Pill Decision as 'Politics' vs. 'Science'

At the top of Wednesday's NBC Nightly News, anchor Brian Williams fretted: "The Obama administration blocks a plan to make the 'morning-after' pill more easily available to young girls. Is this ...

CBS 'Early Show' Touts ObamaCare On 'Fast-Track'

Introducing a story on the latest effort pass health care reform on Thursday's CBS Early Show, co-host Maggie Rodriguez proclaimed: "This morning President Obama is putting health care reform on ...

CNN's Sanjay Gupta Pushes for Price Controls Throughout Health Care

CNN chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanja Gupta pressed HHS Secretary Kathleen for price controls in all parts of the health care industry on Thursday's Newsroom. Gupta stated that insurance ...

Networks Ignore Democrat Defeat of Immigrant ID and Their Push for Coverage of Illegals

News media covered dust-up over Joe Wilson, but not recent developments that support his claim.

Public Option the Only Option in CBS 'Early Show' Interview

Anchor Harry Smith interviews HHS Secretary Sebelius about medical-related bankruptcies.

Networks Tell One Side of Health Care Story: Obama's

Reports on president's meeting with health care industry and potential 'reform' leave out critics, free-market solutions.

CBS's Smith Cues Up Sebelius to Recite Health Care Talking Points

On Tuesday's CBS Early Show co-host Harry Smith repeated liberal talking points while asking Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius about President Obama's plan to nationalize the ...

Media Hails Senate Confirmation of Health Secretary to Combat Swine Flu; Downplays to Her Late-Term Abortion Support

Media ignores Homeland Security's lead role responding to virus, maintains Sebelius needed combat it.

Schultz Blames Spending Provisions Stripped from Stimulus for Swine Flu

Claims 'conservative' senators holding up health secretary nomination and rejection of $870 million in stimulus bill are cause for outbreak.
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