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ABC and NBC Anything But Fast and Furious On Gunwalking Scandal

MRC analysts reviewed the Big Three network evening and morning news shows and found that while CBS aired 29 stories and 1 brief on Fast and Furious, ABC aired only one brief on the June 15, ...

CBS Promoted 'Humanized' Hillary in '08; Hounds Romney in 2012

CBS revealed its double standard in its treatment of Republican presidential candidates versus Democratic ones on Wednesday's Early Show, as Jim Axelrod and Nancy Cordes pressed Mitt Romney about ...

New York Times Columnist Paul Krugman Wins Quote of the Year; Claimed "9/11... Has Become an Occasion for Shame"

New York Times Columnist Paul Krugman Wins Quote of the Year; Shamefully Claimed "9/11... Has Become an Occasion for Shame"

Buttressing Buffett: For 10 Years, the Liberal Media Championed Billionaire's Tax Increase Agenda

President Barack Obama's nicknaming his new tax increases on the wealthy the "Warren Buffett rule" is fitting since the billionaire has spent a decade campaigning for a tax hike, a campaign his ...
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The Media's War Against Dick Cheney

The Liberal Press Has Mocked and Vilified Cheney's Conservatism and Terror-Fighting Policies for More than a Decade

Liberalism Lite With Ann Curry

Who will be the public face of soft and marshmallowy News Lite in Liberal Land now that Katie Couric's gone? Try new NBC Today co-host Ann Curry.

Gail Collins Hails Katie Couric as 'Total Success' on CBS for 'Not Screwing Things Up'

Gail Collins grades Couric on a curve: "From my perspective as a charter of the progress of American women, Couric was a total success. The first great mandate for a First Woman is not to screw ...

Couric's Review of CBS Years Finds New Way to Embarrass Palin, Lets Fox and Plame Rage

Ending her final night as anchor of the CBS Evening News with a "five years in five minutes" video retrospective, Katie Couric went out in sync with how she conducted herself since 2006 ' ...
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Katie Couric's Five Years at CBS Marked by Liberal Agenda and Low Ratings

Advertised as a "Straight Shooter," Couric's Liberal Skew Did Nothing to Repair Damage Caused by Dan Rather's Bias
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