Shocker: Times Pays Conservative D.C. Newspaper a Crime-Fighting Compliment

Jeremy Peters praises the crime fighting Washington Examiner, a free D.C. newspaper with a "conservative bent." "About once a month, the United States Marshals Service in the Washington area ...

Surprise: NYT Discovers Spending Money on Frail Elderly Not Always Useless

After months of Times stories pushing the need for limits on end-of-life care in the name of universal health care, reporter Reed Abelson looks at the other side and makes a shocking discovery: ...

Surprise: Times Shows Respect to Pro-Life Demonstrators

Reporter Damien Cave's front-page story was notable for the respect he showed a particular group of aggressive political demonstrators that don't garner plaudits from the media - pro-lifers. The ...

At Last, the Times Discovers Liberals

Jackie Calmes' analysis of Sen. Jay Rockefeller's opposition to Sen. Max Baucus's health care proposal has more "liberal" labels than any Times story in memory.

Refreshing: "Iraq a Remarkably Safer Place" Now Than Before Surge

This is the New York Times, right?

Surprise: Times Finds Tougher Border Security Actually Works

Maybe reporter James McKinley can inform his paper's editorial page, which last Sunday proclaimed that increased border security wasn't working.
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