Labeling Bias

Chicago Reporter for NYTimes Suggests GOP Candidates' Rising "Anti-Muslim Rhetoric" Could Lead to Hate Crimes

Reporter David Lepeska in the Chicago edition of the New York Times: "As anti-Muslim rhetoric rises locally and nationally -- some of it fueled by the presidential campaign...The effect of these ...
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Calmes Almost Forgets Obama's Deficit Promises, Pushes Political Potency of His Big-Spending Budget Plan

White House reporter Jackie Calmes treated last year's Obama budget proposal as just right in its balance of spending cuts and increases and gave him a pass for putting off tough choices. But ...
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NYT Goes to "Great Lengths" to Call People at Conservative Political Action Conference "Conservative"

Jeff Zeleny: "[Mitt Romney] went to great lengths to showcase his conservative core, using a variation of the word “conservative” at least 25 times during a 25-minute speech." In similar ...
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