CNN's Martin: 'Insane' Objectors to Obama Speech to Kids Acting Childish

On Thursday's Campbell Brown program, CNN's Roland Martin berated the critics of the accompanying lesson plan for President Obama's upcoming speech to school kids, calling them "insane parents."

The Catholic Church's So-Called "Moral Convictions" Against Abortion

In David Kirkpatrick's piece on Catholic opposition to Obama-care, phrases employed by conservatives like "rationing" and "moral convictions" are closed up in scare quotes.

ABC's Chris Cuomo Sneers at RNC's Steele That 'Death Panel' Lingo Is Left Out of His New Op-Ed

ABC News anchor Chris Cuomo conducted a hostile interview of RNC Chairman Michael Steele on Monday's Good Morning America. Noting Steele hadn't used the term "death panel," Cuomo asked if it was ...

CNN's Jack Cafferty Again Derides Palin, Calls Her 'Lame'

CNN's Jack Cafferty, on Monday's Situation Room, referred to one of Sarah Palin's reasons for her resignation, that she wanted to avoid becoming a lame duck, then cracked: "She was already lame."

Transgender Rights: Not a 'Liberal' Cause?

As the Obama administration works to end discrimation against transgendered federal employees, their advocates aren't liberals, but opponents are quickly labeled "conservative."

After They Criticize Obama, CBS Calls Gay Groups 'Far Left'

Now that gay activists are unhappy with Barack Obama for his policies on federal benefits for same-sex couples, CBS has dusted off the "far left" label. Co-host Harry Smith on Thursday: "President ...

He's No Spitzer: ABC, CBS, NBC All Brand Ensign a 'Republican'

Wednesday's ABC, CBS and NBC morning shows made a point of labeling Nevada Senator John Ensign a "Republican" after he admitted an extramarital affair. NBC, which took days to admit New York's ...

Bill Maher: Obama's 'Not Even a Liberal;' Blames Media For Lack of Left Wing

President Obama isn't nearly liberal enough for HBO's Bill Maher who on CNN repeated the focus of his rant on his show last Friday night. When Wolf Blitzer asked what he was most disappointed ...

CNN's Sanchez Again Teams with Leftists to Slam Conservatives

Anchor Rick Sanchez used another crazed gunman's rampage to blast conservative media during CNN's Newsroom program on Thursday, and brought on Media Matters' Eric Boehlert as his aide to bash talk ...

NBC Skips Islamic Conversion of Shooter, Trip to Yemen

Tuesday's Today show completely ignored two facts about a man who murdered a soldier at an Army recruiting station in Arkansas: He had just converted to Islam and was being investigated by the FBI ...
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