Finally! Larry Rohter Criticizes Obama for "Misleading" Immigration Ad

But Rohter doesn't point out the ad's deceptive quotes of Rush Limbaugh used to make the talk show host appear anti-Mexican.

"Oratorical" Obama Ad Takes High Road, But McCain "Got Himself Into Trouble"

In an analysis of two new campaign ads about the meltdown on Wall Street, the Times portrayed Obama as a skillful and honest orator, while McCain "got into trouble" with a statement Obama and the ...

Rohter Rides to Obama's Defense on "Distorted...Discredited" Sex-Ed Charges

Reporter Larry Rohter's pro-Obama fact-checking: McCain's accusations "seriously distort the record....old and discredited accusations." As if Barack Obama and Joe Biden never make faulty ...

"Objective Sources" Like WP, NYT Say McCain Ads "Over the Top & Unfair"

With the U.S. succeeding in Iraq, the Times abruptly decides the war is no longer important to voters. Adam Nagourney: "Don't you think that people are thinking about different things right now?" ...

Larry Rohter Rides to Obama's Defense Once Again

This time, Rohter defends Obama against a McCain ad that blames him for rising gas prices: "'Pump' is misleading on nearly every substantive point."

Obama, NYT Agree on Bringing Immigrants "Out of the Shadows"

Shades of bias: Obama and the Times mutter the same liberal lines about the plight of illegal immigrants cowering "in the shadows."

McCain Fails Another Larry Rohter "Checkpoint" - Obama Can Do No Wrong

Rushing to Obama's aid: A comment from a "conservative" group "not only misrepresents what Mr. Obama said, it also ignores the views he has expressed in the past on the proper role of English and ...

Times Warns McCain: Don't Call Obama a Tax-and-Spend Liberal

Hitting McCain hard for implying liberal Obama will raise taxes: Economists of various ideological persuasions, however, view Mr. McCain's assessment as inaccurate or exaggerated. Some question ...

Times Harps on McCain's "Embarrassing Mistake" on Al Qaeda

The paper won't let go of McCain's brief slip during Tuesday's questioning of Gen. David Petraeus when he described Al Qaeda as Shiite, and immediately corrected himself.

Obama the Wise Calls for "National Discussion About Race," But....

Headline, same page: "Obama Works to Shift Campaign Back to Domestic Issues."
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