For Third Straight Weeknight, NBC Obsesses Over Sarah Palin's Revere Tale

For the third time in as many weeknights, the NBC Nightly News has devoted airtime to the fuss over Sarah Palin's recounting of Paul Revere's ride. This time, the newscast featured a full report ...

NBC's Lee Cowan Highlights Palin Map As Possible Rationale for Attack on Gabrielle Giffords

On Monday's Today show, NBC's Lee Cowan, inspired by Arizona Sheriff Clarence Dupnik's blaming political rhetoric for the Gabrielle Giffords shooting, highlighted Sarah Palin's Web site map ...

NBC Reporter Warns Global Warming Now Endangering the Walrus

It seems like every few years there's a new mascot for Team Global Warming. First it was the polar bear, then the Arctic fox and now it's the walrus's turn. On Monday's Today show, Lee Cowan ...

ABC Heralds 'Relief Replaced Dread, Hope Replaced Fear' While NBC Fears 'Backlash' from 'Angry' Arizonans

"In a matter of minutes, relief replaced dread, hope replaced fear," ABC's Barbara Pinto trumpeted in framing a Wednesday night look, at reaction to a federal judge's ruling blocking Arizona's ...

Unemployment Fight Shows Media Will Help Liberals Protect Their Jobs

Journalists criticize GOP for obstructing 'relief' bill, despite pay-as-you-go promises from Dems.

NBC Reporter Discovers New Immigration Law Causing Illegals to Leave Arizona

NBC's Lee Cowan, on Thursday's NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, discovered a stunning result of Arizona's new immigration policies - illegal immigrants are now leaving the state.

On NBC, Boy Scout Scandal Merits Story, But Club's 100th Anniversary Didn't

The network aired a story about bubble wrap instead of covering Boy Scouts centennial, but find more than two minutes time for scouting sex scandal.

NBC: Homosexuals the Only Ones 'Willing to Fight' for the Obsolete Institution of Marriage

Today has a woman in a failed marriage tell viewers why marriage is out-of-date.

NBC's Lee Cowan Glows Over Obama Frosh Photos: 'Humble Beginnings!'

NBC's Lee Cowan, on Thursday's Today show, giddily highlighted new found photos taken of Barack Obama when he was a freshman at Occidental College and even cooed at a shot of him sitting on an old ...

Obama Embraces Media Hype about Economic 'Turmoil'

Networks virtually ignore good economic news, don't challenge claim economy in 'crisis.'
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