Real Olympic Event Is Making Excuses

From Polanski to Letterman to Obama, media help stars take no responsibility.

Liberals Say Conservatives are Haters and Hate Them for it.

Journalists help empower anger that now targets constitutional rights; ignore left-wing hate.

Today Show Defends Letterman's 'Joke'

Host Matt Lauer grills Palin on her response to sexual joke about daughter.

Letterman Writer Scheft: Obama 'Too Competent' to Joke About

The proudest moment in his career, Late Show writer Bill Scheft boasted at a Friday comedy writer panel held at Washington, DC's Newseum, was when he got David Letterman to try to undermine guest ...

Networks Ignore Business Side of Strike, Even Though They Are the Business

One striking writer blasts Huckabee's late-night appearance, saying 'Jesus wouldn't cross' a picket line.
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