Time Journalist Calls Out NYT's "Extreme Pro-Obama Coverage"

Time Magazine journalist Mark Halperin ripped contrasting NYT profiles of Cindy McCain and Michelle Obama (both written by Jodi Kantor, pictured) as his prime examples of slanted campaign coverage.

"Iraq War Ends": NYT Parody Issue Hits Streets of New York

A Times parody sounds a bit like the wish-list of the Times editorial page: "Articles described a nation turned hard left: nationalized oil companies, a 'maximum wage' law, the enactment of ...

Surprise: Liberal Columnist Kristof Acknowledges Media Bias

"But on the social issues - gun control, abortion, gay marriage, religion - I'm not sure we're that even-handed....Journalists move easily in the world of business Republicans, less easily in the ...

Who Has a Better Sense of Humor, Obama or McCain Supporters?

And the winner is...

Public Editor Admits Times Reporters Are More Liberal...

...but Clark Hoyt then cited a report saying "a link between reporters' political beliefs and news coverage has never been convincingly established."

McCain vs. the NYT, Round 2

Campaign spokesman Michael Goldfarb: "Today the New York Times launched its latest attack on this campaign in its capacity as an Obama advocacy organization....willful disregard of the truth."

Times Watches ABC Talk Show "The View," Finds Liberal Slant

The paper reverses its previous opinion that the show was "generally friendly territory for politicians." Plus: Barbara Walters claims "I don't think anyone knows my political opinions." Really now?

Times Watch Director Hits Anti-McCain Bias on Fox News

Clay Waters detailed the paper's liberal slant for Fox News Channel's Bill Hemmer on Tuesday morning.

Obama Camp Relying on Media to "Debunk" Palin

The Obama camp is relying on its media allies to tackle Palin for them: "[Obama's] aides said they were looking to the news media to debunk the image of her as a blue-collar reformer..."

Reporter Laments Loss of Old, Media-Friendly McCain

Reporter Jim Rutenberg sees charges of liberal media bias as a campaign tactic, not a genuine concern.
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