Excuses for Not Covering Edwards Affair Refuted by NYT's Own Reporting

The Times comes up with two excuses for not covering allegations of a John Edwards affair: 1) they were anonymously sourced and 2) Edwards was not in contention as Obama's running mate. Both ...

Times Asks Readers If They Think It Has a Liberal Bias

A NYT online survey gives hints at what executives at the paper are worried about.

One Month In, NYT's Campaign Coverage Obviously Pro-Obama

Obama's June 5-July 5 coverage was positive by a 3:1 ratio. McCain's coverage was negative, by the same ratio.

Times Political Editor Admits More Liberals in Newsrooms, Sees No Bias in NYT

The Times' political editor Richard Stevenson (pictured) admits "there are more political liberals in newsrooms than conservatives" but of course denies any favoritism on the part of his paper's ...

Times Finally Takes Bias Question Seriously - When Hillary Raises It

The Times has certainly shown favoritism toward Obama's campaign. A TimesWatch analysis found that in stories dealing significantly with Obama, he was covered in a positive matter by a ratio of ...

The Gory Details Behind the NYT's Failed Smear of McCain

The liberal New Republic on the McCain smear: "In the absence of concrete, printable proof that McCain and Iseman were an item, the piece delicately steps around purported romance and instead ...

Cover-to-Cover Bias in the Sunday Book Review

This week's "politics" issue of the book review follows a pattern: Liberal reviewers praising liberal books and dismissing conservative ones.

A Startling Admission: Bush Not Getting Enough Credit for Strong Economy

A shocker: "Mr. Bush has spent years presiding over an economic climate of growth that would be the envy of most presidents. Yet much to the consternation of his political advisers, he has had ...

Times Watch Director Appears on Fox Business Network

Clay Waters discussed the paper's falling share price and its liberal bias.

"Faltering" Fred Lashes Out at Huckabee (and the NYT)

Fred Thompson: "You can tell that the news is good coming out of Iraq because you read so little about it in The New York Times."
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