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CNN 'Moderator' Finds GOP Eight Times as Dishonest as Democrats?

MRC Study: Anderson Cooper's "Keeping Them Honest" segments have tilted 24 to 3 against Republicans since July, and 45 to 13 in 2011.

CNN Hosts Leftists Saying Cain Should Get Off 'Crack Pipe'

To answer Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain's claim that racism is not a big factor in African-American unemployment, CNN brought on radical left-wing activists Professor Cornel West ...

Washington Post Blogger Slams O'Reilly for Calling Protesters 'Far-Left Loons' and 'Anarchists'

On Sunday's Reliable Sources, CNN host Howard Kurtz and the Washington Post's Erik Wemple took exception to FNC's Bill O'Reilly calling some of the "Occupy Wall Street" protesters "far-left loons" ...
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