Times Main Economics Writer Loves Obama-Care for Disrupting 'Status Quo'

Times economics writer David Leonhardt reacted to news that McDonald's may drop health insurance for its workers because of Obama-care by blaming the status quo: " does represent progress. ...

Times Science Writer Flouts Media Wisdom on Life Expectancy, Socialized Medicine

Science writer John Tierney finds other reasons besides lack of socialized medicine for America's low life expectancy compared to Europe: We used to smoke a lot more, for one.

Times Invites John "Two Americas" Edwards to Take a Bow in Life Expectancy Story

In an overdramatic story on falling life expectancies among some women, the Times suggested the findings validated left-wing presidential candidate John Edwards: "The new research adds weight to ...

The Times Finds Yet Another "Widening Gap" - Life Expectancy

Only the Times could spin an increase in life expectancy as a disturbing trend: "Life expectancy for the nation as a whole has increased, the researchers said, but affluent people have experienced ...
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