Linda Greenhouse Lavishes More Love on a Liberal Justice

New York Times' former Supreme Court reporter, liberal Linda Greenhouse, came out of journalistic retirement to write the lead Sunday Week in Review profile of retiring Supreme Court Justice David ...

Linda Greenhouse Lavishes More Love on a Liberal Justice

The former Supreme Court reporter comes out of retirement to glorify yet another liberal Justice, the retiring David Souter.

Linda Greenhouse Leaves the New York Times, Liberalism Intact

Greenhouse, a Times reporter who marched for abortion rights and told a Harvard audience the Bush administration had undertaken a "hijacking of public policy by religious fundamentalism," has ...

Greenhouse: Justice's Ruling on "So-Called" Partial-Birth Abortion "Patronizing" to Women

Greenhouse finds Justice Kennedy's jurisprudence sexist when it uphelds a ban on a gruesome abortion procedure - but likes it when it upholds gay rights.

Justice (and Former ACLU Lawyer) Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Centrist?

As opposed to the divisive Bork and Thomas nominations, "President Clinton played to the center, not the left, in selecting Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen G. Breyer, nominations that were well ...

Linda Greenhouse Retires With Parting Shot at Robert Bork

Linda Greenhouse thinks Ted Kennedy and the rest of the Democrats gave Bork a fair shake during his confirmation hearings: "I thought then and think now that the debate had been both fair and ...

"Conservative" Supreme Court Spooked by Public Backlash?

"Perhaps the conservative justices were taken aback by the public response to the Lilly Ledbetter case, a 5-to-4 decision in an employment discrimination case last term that placed a tight time ...

Ouch! Greenhouse Winces at "Splintered" Court Decisions

A voter ID law in Indiana that Linda Greenhouse found "objectionable" was upheld by the Supreme Court 6-3, in what she called a "splintered" decision. But what about close rulings she approves of?

Liberal Justice John Paul Stevens' "Remarkable Journey" to Oppose Death Penalty

Retiring Supreme Court reporter bids a fond farewell of sorts to liberal Justice John Paul Stevens for renouncing the death penalty as unconstitutional - ignoring the clear meaning of the Fifth ...

Slate Takes on NYT from the Left in Defending Liberal Linda Greenhouse

Plus: Slate calls Times Watch a "right-wing kitty cat."
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