ABC and NBC Resort to Using 'Bert and Ernie' and 'Big Bird' to Undermine Effort to De-Fund NPR

Demonstrating how the media are an obstacle to any spending cuts, NBC and ABC on Wednesday night resorted to citing Sesame Street characters as potential "casualties in a war over culture and ...

Flashback to 1994: Brokaw Declared Contract with America 'Long on Promises, But Short on Sound Premises'

With Republicans set to unveil their "Pledge to America," a look back at how then-NBC Nightly News anchor Tom Brokaw derided the Contract with America when it was announced in 1994: "Today, GOP ...

'Today' Praises Bank of America's New Overdraft Policy, Fails to Explore Negative Side of Coming Regulation

NBC reports BofA's changes to 'repair' image ahead of federal Credit CARD Act.

ABC, CBS and NBC Verdict: Obama's 'Stimulus' a Success, CBS Frets Public Refuses to See It

On the one-year anniversary of the "stimulus" spending bill, ABC, CBS and NBC eagerly corroborated White House claims about how it "saved or created" many jobs, though they all offered a range of ...

CBS and NBC Finally Catch Up to ACORN Scandal; Express Sympathy for the Left-Wing Group

CBS and NBC finally covered the ACORN scandal, but depicted the left-wing group as a victim. Evening News anchor Katie Couric lamented: "ACORN helps low-income Americans find affordable ...

'Nightly News' Praises 'Hope,' Jobs 'Saved or Created' by Stimulus

NBC correspondent Lisa Myers touts how $8.5-million stimulus 'bridge-to-the-middle-of-nowhere' save a Missouri community.

NBC's Answer to Irresponsible College Student Borrowing: More Government

'Nightly News' segment absolves student borrowers from mistakes of their early adulthood.

'Nightly News' Perplexed by TARP-Recipients Lending to Foreign Countries

NBC correspondent Lisa Myers investigates banking titans that made overseas loans in wake of congressional hearing.

NBC Slams Northern Trust Bank for PGA Related Events

"Today Show" attempts to smear company for events that were not paid for by tax dollars.

NBC Discovers Union Role in Auto Industry Turmoil

Unlike most other coverage, 'Today' segment highlights UAW contracts as 'albatross' for Big Three.
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