ABC Promotes Nation Attack on 'American Hypocrite' Lou Dobbs, Skips ID of Lefty Magazine

Good Morning America on Friday promoted an attack piece by the liberal magazine The Nation against Lou Dobbs. In the two segments devoted to whether or not the populist host hired illegal ...

Dobbs to Obama: 'Quit Whining and Start Leading'

Former CNN host scoffs at president's new embrace of free enterprise, calling it a 'death-bed conversion.'

Sarah Silverman: 'The Entire Fox News Channel is a 24-Hour a Day Racism Engine'

Comedian and author attacks conservative movement, suggesting opposition to Obama is 'all coded, all implied' racism.

Ted Turner Advises CNN Not to Follow Fox News Opinion Model

U.N. Foundation chairman and CNN founder tells CNBC he would like to see less 'Tiger,' more of 'what's going on.'

CNBC's Santelli Rebuts Lou Dobbs' Populism

Former CNN host Lou Dobbs appears on long-time rival Kudlow's show to make case that government policy is needed to improve middle class standard of living.

Surprise! Lauer Asks If Dobbs Was 'Too Conservative' For CNN?

NBC's Matt Lauer, on Tuesday's Today show, actually asked Lou Dobbs, formerly of CNN, if he and the network parted ways because he was "too conservative," and if CNN was okay with Dobbs' push for ...

Cheap Shot Alert: Paul Krugman Attacks Powerline Blog, Citing Four-Year-Old Post

Economist turned liberal-meme chasing columnist Paul Krugman wondered if Media Matters would get credit for bringing down CNN anchor Lou Dobbs "the way the ludicrous Powerline got lionized for ...

The Times Says Goodbye to Lou Dobbs, Attacks 'Greedy Corporate Interests'

In a surprise, the Times devotes a full editorial to the departure of outspoken CNN anchor Lou Dobbs: "He calls himself Mr. Independent, but he is far closer in style and method to the right-wing ...

Newsweek Editor Posts Bizarre Anti-Lou Dobbs Poem: Anchor Wants World 'Where Aliens Are Put in Stocks'

Newsweek senior editor Jerry Adler on Thursday posted a bizarre poem on the publication's website, mocking Lou Dobbs for leaving CNN and insinuating that the cable anchor might be crazy: "So wily ...

Be Green, Use a Condom -- Dobbs Contends 'High-Bound Orthodoxies' Prevent Theory from Being Mainstream

CNN segment follows up on a story that suggests population control is more effective helping the environment than greenhouse gas reduction.
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