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Salon Derides ‘Loony’ Rep. Louie Gohmert for ‘Dumb & Dumber’ Climate Views

Left-wing editor attacks congressman after he promotes ‘opposing viewpoints’ on global warming.
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CNN Touts Obama's 'Very Moving' Religious Liberty Speech; Omits ObamaCare Mandate Dispute

Thursday's 9 AM EST edition of CNN Newsroom spotlighted how President Obama "called for promoting religious freedom – quote, 'a key part of U.S. foreign policy," at the annual National Prayer ...
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MSNBC's Sharpton Accuses GOP of 'Demonizing' Single Mothers

On Thursday's PoliticsNation, MSNBC host Al Sharpton accused Republicans of "demonizing" single mothers and placing "blame" on them for poverty in response to several Republicans who have recently ...
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MSNBC's Wolffe Chides Texas Voters, Some GOPers 'Should Never Have Been Elected'

On Wednesday's PoliticsNation, MSNBC.com Executive Editor Richard Wolffe asserted that Republicans like Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert "should never have been elected [to] office in the first ...
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Former New York Times Reporter Egan Mocks GOP's 'Crazy Caucus' in Congress

Former Times reporter Timothy Egan attacked Republican House member Louie Gohmert, "who has said so many crazy things that this assertion passed with little comment." He's also a paid-up member of ...
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CBS Lines Up Pro-Gun Control Liberals; Lets Only One Gun Rights Advocate Speak

Bill Plante slanted four-to-one in favor of gun control on Monday's CBS This Morning as he reported on congressional Democrats' efforts to introduce new firearms regulations. Plante played  ...
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