MediaWatch: March 22, 1999

Stephanopoulos Book: Ethics Trumps Scoops; NewsBites; No "Moving On" to Chinese Espionage; Brokaw Still Ducking Juanita; Lou Dobbs Goes to Los Alamos

MediaWatch: March 8, 1999

Anita vs. Juanita: The Awful Double Standard; NewsBites; Fashioning a Future for "Senator Hillary"; Lewinsky Scandal Illegitimate; Russert, Myers Overcome Lack

MediaWatch: March 1998

TV Touts "Reform"; NewsBites: no Label for Lois; Willey -- Why a Seven-Month Stall?; Turn Against the Right; Only Clinton Pals Welcome; Myers on Hubbell's Ties

MediaWatch: March 1997

Loving the Lincoln Bedroom Angle; NewsBites: Biased Bias Poll; Revolving Door: Clinton's Slumber Party; Partial-Truth Abortion Coverage; N.Y., L.A. Shootings: Tragedy...; Focusing on Freeloaders; ...

MediaWatch: March 1996

Clinton Thought He Had It Tough; NewsBites: Jack White, Smear Artist; Revolving Door: Coming Aboard Bill's Team; Reserving Rebukes for Buchanan; Poor, Poor, OSHA; Tendentious Tenure; CBS Spikes ...

MediaWatch: March 1995

Clinton's Incredible Shrinking Ideology; NewsBites: Living in a Radio-Free Cave; Revolving Door: Clinton's CBS Adviser; Nap Time for Network News; Abortion Only Splits GOP?; Burned on Asbestos; ...

MediaWatch: March 1994

Networks Rarely Cover Church News, Ignore Religious Concerns on Social Issues; NewsBites: Aborting the Mother; Revolving Door: Tara Helps Tony; Media Ignore Sexual Harassment Charges -- When Made ...

Notable Quotables - 03/15/1993

MediaWatch: March 1993

More Badly Biased Budget Reporting; NewsBites: Profiles in Courage; Revolving Door: Edelman Admirer; Waited Months to Correct "Inappropriate" Reporting; Goodbye, American Way; Budget Reviews; ...
Media Research Center

MediaWatch: March 1992

Protecting Bill Clinton; NewsBites: Capitol Coverups; Revolving Door: Novel Reality; Media Pretend Skeptical Scientists Don't Exist; More Unreliable Liberal Statistics; Wrong on Dependency; Greens ...
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