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After ObamaCare Win, NYT's Landler Praises Obama for Expanding 'Safety Net,' 'Dispatching Osama,' and All Things Good

New York Times reporter Mark Landler: "What the Supreme Court’s decision does do is preserve Mr. Obama’s status as the president who did more to expand the nation’s safety net than any since ...
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NYT Covers Obama's Address at Women's College, Neglects Own 'Gender Gap,' Dislodging of NYT's Female Editor

The New York Times covered President Obama's plea to women's voters disguised as a commencement address at a woman's college in Manhattan: "In Graduation Speech to Women, Obama Leaps Into ...
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Liberal 'Talking Points Memo' Blog Outclasses 'Objective' New York Times in Fact-Checking Obama Speech

The partisan liberal news site Talking Points Memo managed to be tougher on President Obama's speech in Maryland than reporter Mark Landler of the New York Times, fact-checking Obama's claims ...
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Michelle Obama Not Just Fashion Star But "Potent" Political Weapon Who Strikes "Common Chord"

Mark Landler heaps praise on the First Lady, down-to-earth role model and politico extraordinaire: "The trip is a timely reminder of why the Obama campaign views her as such a potent weapon." She ...
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