Matthews: Neo-Cons Took Cruise to Alaska to Find Empty Headed Palin

Provoked by charges made in Game Change that Sarah Palin had to be tutored in foreign policy, Chris Matthews, on Tuesday's Hardball, took shot after shot at the former vice presidential ...

CNN's Cooper Actually Deviates from Palin With 'Game Change' Authors

On Monday's Anderson Cooper 360, CNN's Anderson Cooper extensively questioned authors Mark Halperin and John Heilemann about their new book "Game Change" on subjects other than Sarah Palin, unlike ...

Time Mag's Halperin on CNN: Lack of Universal Coverage 'Immoral'

"We're the only industrialized democracy that doesn't cover every citizen" and "that is immoral," Mark Halperin, editor-at-large and senior political analyst for Time magazine where he oversees ...

ABC News Veteran: Most Journalists See Themselves as 'Right Down the Middle'

Time magazine's Mark Halperin, formerly the political director at ABC News, announced on MSNBC's Morning Joe on Tuesday that he believed that most reporters operated under the belief that they are ...

Wow: Even Frank Rich Sees Pro-Obama "Hagiography"

Overdramatic liberal columnist Frank Rich briefly emphathizes with those "who think the press corps is in the tank" and "fawning" over Obama.

Time Journalist Calls Out NYT's "Extreme Pro-Obama Coverage"

Time Magazine journalist Mark Halperin ripped contrasting NYT profiles of Cindy McCain and Michelle Obama (both written by Jodi Kantor, pictured) as his prime examples of slanted campaign coverage.

ABC, NBC Repeat Anonymous Rumors Discrediting Palin

No acknowledgement that McCain campaign staffers may be scrambling to hang the blame for his defeat on the vice-presidential nominee.

Time's 'Campaign Scorecard' Ignores Character Issues

The weekly political assessment leans heavily toward pro-Obama topics.
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