NBC, ABC Skip Obama Administration's Delay of Pipeline That Could Create 20,000 Jobs

ABC and NBC completely ignored a decision by the Obama administration that could kill up to 20,000 jobs. Only CBS's Evening News on Thursday reported that a proposed oil pipeline from Canada to ...

CBS Warns: Food Industry Must Reduce Salt Content or 'Face Regulation'

Teasing an upcoming story on new federal dietary guidelines on Monday's CBS Evening News, fill-in anchor Harry Smith announced: "The assault on salt. Chances are you are eating too much of it." ...

CBS Cites Left-Wing Advocate of Infanticide to Encourage Charitable Giving

In a story on American charitable giving on CBS's Sunday Morning, correspondent Mark Strassmann cited liberal Princeton University bio-ethics professor Peter Singer on how much people should give: ...

CBS Finds 'Heavy Toll' on Salmonella-Free Peanut Industry

'Evening News' report points out that many peanut foods are still safe, other companies losing millions because of outbreak.

'Evening News' Shows How Foreign Automakers Do It Right in America

'Tale of Two Plants' segment details Hyundai's lower costs of production versus Big Three.
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