'Lousy:' June Jobs Rise Only 18,000, Unemployment Rate Up to 9.2%

CNBC reacts to fewest jobs added in 8 months, actual data 'well below expectations.'

How Convenient: CBS Asks Pro-Stimulus Economist to Rate the Stimulus

On Thursday's Early Show, CBS invited pro-stimulus economist Mark Zandi to rate the effectiveness of Obama's $862 billion stimulus. "The recession ended about a year ago, in large part because of ... Touts Liberal-Authored Paper as Evidence of Stimulus Success

Being a liberal economis means never having to say you were wrong.

Media's Latest Stimulus Push: Spend Now, Tax Later

Krugman's 'third depression' declaration sets stage for more stimulus, paid for by proposals of a gas tax, value-added tax, national sales tax and rollback of Bush tax cuts.

Times Fronts Dubious Hope for Democrats in 2010

The Times commissions a report from Moody's Analytics, whose chief economist supports Obama's "stimulus" package and who advises congressional Democrats, to reveal slender hope that Election 2010 ...
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