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Gay and Godless on the Public School Stage

A public school can't perform a play that reverently recreates the Old Testament...but it can perform a play that mocks it mercilessly.
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CNN's Baldwin Parrots Dem Talking Point About Scott Brown's Wall St. Donors

Reporting on the Massachusetts Senate race on Thursday, CNN's Brooke Baldwin played a Democratic card by noting the amount of Wall Street money Republican incumbent Scott Brown's campaign ...
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NBC Claims 'Awkward Stumble' for Scott Brown Admiring 'Ultra-Conservative' Justice Scalia

In a report on Tuesday's NBC Today, correspondent Kelly O'Donnell described "awkward stumbles" for Senator Scott Brown and challenger Elizabeth Warren in a Massachusetts senatorial debate on ...
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Front-Page NYT News: Romney's 'Aloof Manner' Hurting His Ability to Connect

Here we go again, "aloof" Romney makes the front page of the New York Times via reporter Michael Barbaro: "Mr. Romney’s struggle to tamp down resurgent opponents and secure the Republican ...

NBC's 'Today' Frets Over Scott Brown Getting 'Nasty' and 'Personal' in Mass. Senate Race

At the top of Friday's NBC Today, co-host Matt Lauer wondered if a joke by Republican Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown in response to a jab by Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren was a ...

Uncritical Condition

Network news fails to examine high cost and proven failures of government-run health care

CBS Touts Concord, Mass. Banning Bottled Water As 'Revolutionary Move'

At the end of Sunday's CBS Evening News, anchor Russ Mitchell celebrated the efforts of 82-year-old Jean Hill to ban the sale of bottled water in Concord, Massachusetts as: " woman's ...

The Times Devotes Another Full Story to Latest Micro-Protest Against Illegal Immigration Crackdown

The Times can't get enough of these tiny protests in support of amnesty for illegal immigrants, while giving cursory coverage to far larger conservative protests like the Tea Party rally on ...

New Englanders: Not Nearly as Smart as They Were Eight Months Ago

Columnist Charles Blow has a change of heart after the Mass. Senate election.

Sentences She'd Like to Have Back, Massachusetts Edition

Reporter Abby Goodnough awaits the crowning of the new senator representing Massachusetts, Martha Coakley, and columnist Charles Blow finds New Englanders have morphed from educated progressives ...
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