From Congo to Cancer, Cell Phones Are Killing Machines, Sunday Columnists Argue

"Death By Gadget." Times columnists Nicholas Kristof and Maureen Dowd embrace different variations of cell phone fear.

Dowd Admits: Democrats Expect Favorable Media

Columnist Maureen Dowd on Obama: "Like many Democrats, he thinks the press is supposed to be on his side."

Maureen Dowd: Being a Catholic Woman Like Being One In Saudi Arabia

The Catholic Church and Islam are the same thing when it comes to their treatment of women according to Maureen Dowd: "I, too, rationalized as men in dresses allowed our religious kingdom to decay ...

NY Times Columnist Calls for Priests to Marry, Choosing Female Pope

Maureen Dowd joins media's appeal for liberal reforms in the Catholic Church.

Happy Holidays: Maureen Dowd's Brother Kevin Takes Over

In the Christmas spirit, liberal Maureen Dowd hands her column over to her conservative brother Kevin. Sharp Democratic-bashing (and hatred from angry liberal readers) ensues. Happy Holidays indeed.

Presenting the Times Watch Quotes of Note 2009 Worst Quotes of the Year

We've compiled the absolutely most biased quotes that appeared in the Times in 2009, and picked the "winners" for the Times Quote of the Year.

Maureen Dowd Whines About Rush's 'Personal Invective,' Then Brings Up His Past Addiction

Hypocrisy on parade: After accusing Rush Limbaugh of making personal attacks against her, columnist Maureen Dowd seized the moral high ground by...bringing up Limbaugh's past struggles with the ...

Defacing Obama's Photo Embarrassment to a College?

Plus Rush the Racist? and Why Won't Israel Talk to Group Committed to Its Annihilation

Dowd Dares You to Enter 'The Gargoyled Gates of Cheneyville'

Cheney-obsessed columnist Maureen Dowd predicts Liz Cheney's website will "have all kinds of fun reading, like memos by Bush lawyers on enhanced interrogation. (Or, as it's more commonly known ...

Also Part of the "Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy": The Masons?

Columnist Maureen Dowd reads Dan Browns' new novel "The Lost Symbol" and uncovers the real conspiracy as well as "a father-son struggle for global domination, as though we didn't get enough of ...
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