Networks Ignore Democrat Defeat of Immigrant ID and Their Push for Coverage of Illegals

News media covered dust-up over Joe Wilson, but not recent developments that support his claim.

Oppose Obama? Racist

Maureen Dowd imagines Rep. Joe Wilson shouting a derogatory word at Obama and uses her feverish imagination to slime all South Carolina Republicans as racists: "But, fair or not, what I heard was ...

Maureen Dowd: A "Disgrace" That Bush "Appointed Two White Men" to Court

Dowd: "It was a disgrace that W. appointed two white men to a court stocked with white men." So why did she dismiss Bush's initial choice for the Alito seat: Harriet Miers?

Sonia Sotomayor Has a "Compelling Life Story" - But Clarence Thomas Didn't?

Double standards in the treatment of two Supreme Court nominees, one conservative, the other liberal, who rose from hardship.

NY Times: Sotomayor Has a 'Compelling Life Story,' But Clarence Thomas Didn't in 1991

Judge Sonia Sotomayor and Judge Clarence Thomas both had compelling life stories when they were nominated for the Supreme Court. But only Sotomayor's story has been celebrated that way by the New ...

Dowd Lifts Anti-War Talking Points From "Talking Points" Blog

Columnist Maureen Dowd is in trouble again for misusing quotes. This time it's a paragraph in her latest column clearly lifted from a liberal blog, the ironically named Talking Points Memo.

Obama Gets "Cranky" Without the NYT, Used to Sell Subscriptions

Yikes: "Can we Kling On to our newspapers in the galactic age?" Maureen Dowd (pictured) is the latest original thinker to compare Barack Obama to Spock from Star Trek, in a column that portrays ...

Times' Liberals Turn Against Obama

Has Obama's "Katrina Moment" arrived? Maybe, says Frank Rich: "A charming visit with Jay Leno won't fix it. A 90 percent tax on bankers' bonuses won't fix it. Firing Timothy Geithner won't fix it. ...

Maureen Dowd Makes Nice With McCain, on Earmarks

Maureen Dowd sides with John McCain, the twittering King Lear, against the overly passive Barack Obama.

Did Bill Kristol Jump Or Was He Pushed?

Conservative writer Bill Kristol has filed his last column for the Times, ending a year as the lone voice of conservatism on the Times' op-ed page.
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