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AP, Fortune, Other Media Overlook Communist Imagery in Taco Bell Attack on McDonalds

Outlets reference dystopian ‘Hunger Games,’ ‘Divergent’ movies rather than socialist state.
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Lefty Propagandists Viciously Attack McDonalds, Push Wage Hikes

Progressive video promotes Obama minimum wage agenda, bashes Republican senators.
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ABC Again Offers One-Sided Spin on Fast Food Protests, Touts 'Living Wage'

ABC on Thursday night again offered a one-sided take on the fast food "strikes," promoting the "living wage." Economics correspondent Rebecca Jarvis featured multiple clips of angry protesters, ...
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ABC Touts Liberal-Backed Fast Food Strike, Links It to MLK's March on Washington

When conservatives rally or march over an issue, such as the yearly March for Life, they don't get much attention. Yet, ABC offered two reports on Thursday promoting a liberal-backed strike on ...

The Vast Child-Fattening Conspiracy

The social libertines aren't permissive about everything. In San Francisco, they're banning Happy Meal toys because the food isn't healthy enough. Bake sales and Pepsi are under forceful attack.

Times Main Economics Writer Loves Obama-Care for Disrupting 'Status Quo'

Times economics writer David Leonhardt reacted to news that McDonald's may drop health insurance for its workers because of Obama-care by blaming the status quo: " does represent progress. ...

And the Winner Is ... Anyone but the Media

Journalists refuse to believe any link between industry collapse, liberal bias.

Media Ignore Pro-Family Victory in McDonald's Boycott

The fast-food giant has withdrawn from the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.

Media Ignore Pro-Family Protest of McDonald's 'Hate' Smear

Not lovin' it?

'Super Size Me' Rebuttal: Man Loses 86 Pounds on All-McDonald's Diet

'Good Morning America' segment features Virginia man who proved fast-food restaurant diets don't only result in weight gain and health problems.
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