Fox & Friends Saturday Highlights Media Bias Toward Tea Party

Near the end of the Saturday edition of Fox & Friends on Fox News, co-host Clayton Morris introduced a segment on the media's double standard when it comes to covering the tea party movement ...

David Carr Admits Media Colleagues Missing Palin's Mass Appeal

Media reporter-columnist David Carr suspects the media is missing Sarah Palin's appeal: "Ms. Palin still gets a session in the media spanking machine every time she does anything, but the ...

Networks Praise New Fuel Standards, Call Them 'Nothing Short of Historic'

Critics of latest government regulation absent from evening news coverage.

Mediaite Attempts to Elevate Pseudo-Con David Frum to Biblical Status

Contributor Tommy Christopher equates GOP to 'cult' and suggests conservatives will be sorry for not embracing the former AEI scholar as economy improves.

The 5 Craziest Attacks on Tea Parties

From Homophobic Slurs to Nazis, left and media love to hate.

Selective Outrage, Bogus Claims of Violence Used Against Tea Parties

Media, liberals try to shut down opposition with outlandish attacks.

'They're Coming for Our Children': Rep. John Lewis Compared GOP to Nazis on House Floor in 1995

Media weren't as quick to point out so-called 'vitriolic' rhetoric during 1990s congressional debate over welfare reform.

The Religion Blog That Hates Religion

Huffington Post's new effort lists 'crusader-jihadist mentality,' 'rejection of science' as 'dangerous side-effects' of faith.
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