CBS Touts Obamacare Provisions Many Seniors 'Will Probably Like,' But Warns of Longer Wait Times

On Friday's CBS Evening News, correspondent Sharyl Attkisson filed a report previewing how new health care reform provisions are expected to effect seniors. After beginning her piece by predicting ...

Uncritical Condition

Network news fails to examine high cost and proven failures of government-run health care

Most Executives Would Be Fired for Confessing Criminality

... But not politicians ...

Paul Krugman Sees 'Racial Hate-Mongering' in Opposition to Obama-Care

Columnist Paul Krugman latest talking points culled from the left-wing blogosphere: "It wasn't just the death panel smear. It was racial hate-mongering, like a piece in Investor's Business Daily ...

Morici Says Health Care Bill, CBO Estimates Based on 'Nefarious' Assumptions

Maryland economist says 'reform' bill will cost 'typical American family' up to $2,000 more for coverage.

Dr. Dean's Admitted Socialism

Socialists unmask themselves and the media pretend not to notice.

Times Health-Care "Refresher" Just Same Old Liberal Talking Points

David Herszenhorn accepts dubious liberal premises about how the cost of U.S. health care is "rising way too fast" and talks in soothing terms of "reductions to slow Medicare spending" (don't call ...

Econ 101: Health Care Reform

The market needs less government inefficiency not more to improve the system and lower health care costs.

DeMint, Price Cry Foul on ObamaCare Proposals: President Has 'Not Been Telling the Truth'

Congressional Republicans claim Obama's health care plan will disrupt the free market and replace private insurance.

Networks Tell One Side of Health Care Story: Obama's

Reports on president's meeting with health care industry and potential 'reform' leave out critics, free-market solutions.
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