Gregory Asks Clinton If 'Vast Right Wing Conspiracy' Now 'Targeting' Obama?

Imagining a "vast right wing conspiracy" to discredit info about her husband's activities with an intern was ludicrous when Hillary Clinton made up the foil, but David Gregory treated it as ...

On NBC, PBS Star Faults Obama for Moderation, Denounces Town Hall 'Hate'

On Sunday's Meet the Press, NBC matched Joe Scarborough on the right with PBS talk-show host Tavis Smiley on the left. Smiley declared President Obama was too moderate, and the town hall meetings ...

NBC Slams Limbaugh, Not Pelosi, As Example of 'Extreme' Rhetoric

On Sunday's Meet the Press, New York Times columnist David Brooks slammed Rush Limbaugh as "insane" for comparing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Adolf Hitler, but NBC never let viewers know that ...

A Tale of Two Tax Cuts: Obama's Will Save Economy, Bush's for the 'Wealthiest'

'Nightly News' considers tax cuts an integral part of the Obama 'massive economic recovery plan,' ignores how rollback of Bush tax cuts would affect economy.

David Gregory, "Custodian" of NBC's Biases

NBC Replaces Brokaw on Meet the Press With Reporter Known for Bashing Bush, Defending Clintons.

Brokaw: Financial Crisis Helps Obama

'Meet the Press' anchor claims bailout fury benefits Democratic candidate in Wall Street versus Main Street debate.

Brokaw Gives Pelosi a Chance to Help Obama on Question of When Life Begins

Obama's above my pay grade statement prompts pro-abortion Speaker of the House to spin the teachings of the Catholic Church.

ElectionWatch: Networks Downplay Earmarks, Despite Millions Spent by Clinton and Obama

Print outlets and CNN report findings from budget watchdog, but study completely ignored by CBS.

'Dark' Natured Bush, Cheney and Rice Exporting 'Fear' and 'Relentless Pessimism'

Thomas Friedman slams admininstration on its foreign policy.
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