Today Showcases Hotel Obama in Ghana

In yet another moment of Obama puffery the Today show highlighted a hotel dedicated to Barack Obama.

NBC Puffs Al Franken with Softball Questions to New Senator

On Thursday's Today, Meredith Vieira tossed mostly softballs to Senator-elect Al Franken, offering no hard questions about the disputed 2008 election, instead fawning, "...Are you more worried ...

NBC's Meredith Vieira to Dick Morris: GOP Plan to 'Sit and Watch Obama Fail?'

NBC's Meredith Vieira on Thursday conducted a defensive interview with Fox News' Dick Morris, at one point skeptically wondering if "the Republican tactic from this point on" would be "to sit and ...

'Today' Slams Citi for Trying to Switch from Bonuses to Salary Hikes

NBC uses 'greed' clip from well-known anti-'Wall Street' film, unemployed Michigan woman to criticize banks return to profitability.

NBC: Homosexuals the Only Ones 'Willing to Fight' for the Obsolete Institution of Marriage

Today has a woman in a failed marriage tell viewers why marriage is out-of-date.

'Today' Trumpets Obama's Wall Street Lecturing

NBC shows little skepticism for President 'clamping down on corporate fat cats.'

NBC Bemoans Divorce Taking a Hit in Bad Economy

The Today show fails to suggest that couples forced to stay together for economic reasons should try to reconcile.

'Today' Revives Carbon-Spewing 'Ends of the Earth' Special

NBC morning show misses irony in emitting tons of carbon to travel globe for climate change special.

Forbes Names Vieira Most Powerful On-Air Woman in Media

Magazine ranks 'Today' host above top journalists; does not mention anti-business history.

About-Face: Media Outlets Turn on 'Cancer Vaccine' Maker

Two years after broadcast networks, newspapers heralded Gardasil 'breakthrough,' Merck under attack for marketing its product.
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