CBS's Greenberg Blames America for Mexican Drug Cartels, Claims All Guns Come from U.S.

On Friday's CBS Evening News, travel editor Peter Greenberg filed a report which blamed the U.S. for drug cartels in Mexico, and, even though the overwhelming majority of guns seized from Mexican ...

Donaldson and Roberts Defend Calderon: Clinton Criticized Tiananmen, Reagan Challenged Gorbachev

Forwarding moral equivalence, Sam Donaldson defended Mexico's President for using a speech before Congress to criticize Arizona: "President Bill Clinton went to the Great Hall of the People...I ...

ABC Touts Calderon's 'Sharp Words' Swipe at U.S. for Inadequate Gun Laws

With "Sharp Words" forming the on-screen graphic, ABC anchor Diane Sawyer on Thursday night championed the domestic gun control argument espoused by a foreign leader trying to shift the blame for ...

Media Latch on to Swine Flu 'Pandemic'

National news goes hog wild with influenza stories but barely discusses Bush preparations; need for border security.

Fox News' Hume on Swine Flu Hysteria: 'This is Insane!'

Former 'Special Report' anchor blames slow news cycle for outbreak coverage; laments economic effects.

Times Reloads Bad Mexico Gun Numbers

The "90 percent" figure just won't die.

NYT Still Running Bad Gun Number

The Times again wrongly suggests that 90 percent of guns used by Mexican drug dealers come from the United States.

Egan Exploits Gun Massacres to Call for Gun Control

Liberal reporter turned blogger tries to use his Western street cred to argue for stricter gun control.

CNN Parrots Mexican Claims that U.S. Guns Fuel Drug Wars

It's another crusade for gun control. This time, for Mexico's benefit.

The Overly Mysterious "Muxes" of Mexico

Meet the Muxes, a mysterious "third category" of person with "special intellectual and artistic gifts"...or maybe just a bunch of transvestities in Mexico?
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