Another Obama Press Release: 'With Part of Stimulus Act Expiring, Thousands Face Losing New Jobs'

Reporter Michael Cooper found no one to criticize an "effective" Obama-administration make-work program that paid the salaries of unemployed people for government and private-sector jobs: "Tens of ...

The Times Continues to Push Tea Party 'Threats and Vandalism'

With the help of the Democrats and the New York Times: "...the vandalism threatened to be a public relations disaster for the fledgling Tea Party movement."

Hoping Along with Mass. Democrats

Michael Cooper presented only the Democratic side of a vulgar video from a Scott Brown rally: "Some hoped that the video would arouse anger among rank-and-file Democrats and cause a backlash, the ...

Calling Massachusetts a Liberal State: Just a 'Political Stereotype'?

While Utah, Oklahoma, and any Deep South state is bluntly called conservative by the Times, the Times entertains doubts as to whether Massachusetts really qualifies as a liberal enclave. An ...

Times Lead Story: Economists Say Stimulus Is Working, Dems Jump for Joy

Democrats love a Times' lead story suggesting most economists think the stimulus is working - and that we also need another one.

Labeling Overload in Miami

Michael Cooper overdoses on "conservative" labels in a snide report from the Republican Governors Association meeting in Miami

"At Times the Contest Grew Ugly..."

One guess which party reporter Michael Cooper blames.

McCain Hypocritically Goes After Obama's "Spread the Wealth" Gaffe

Reporter Michael Cooper, still protecting Barack Obama's left flank on taxes.

John McCain, Tax-Slashing Cynic

Michael Cooper paints an unflattering picture of both McCain and Bush's "deficit-swelling tax cuts."

No More Niceties: News Report Twice Labels McCain Claims Just Plain "False"

Reporter Michael Cooper's stylebook is bluntly pro-Obama.
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