One Year Later, Media Still Obsess Over 'King of Pop'

Attention again focuses on Jackson's empire, ignores dark side

If it's Morning, it Must Be Michael Jackson

Over five weeks after pop star's death, the networks' morning shows continue to pay homage.

Bozell Commends CBS

CBS's Sunday Morning Airs Indictment of Media from Aunt of Soldier Killed in Afghanistan

CBS gave only 13 secs Monday night to the deaths of seven soldiers in Afghanistan, but CBS's Sunday Morning should be commended for giving the aunt, of a soldier killed the same day Michael ...

The Jackson Whitewash

The coverage of Michael Jackson's memorial service capped days of media celebration that avoided his disturbing behavior toward children. The Washington Post described it as "the completion of ...

Jacko Telethon: Primetime Broadcast Network Coverage Devotes One Third of All News to Pop Star's Death

Breakdown of the ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts shows Michael Jackson's death dominating coverage with 4 times more TV than any other story in 13-day span.

Seven Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan Get 1/20th Time Given to Jackson

Two days after the Washington Post carried a letter from a woman who asked "where was the coverage of my nephew or the other soldiers" who were killed in the days after Michael Jackson died, ...

CNN Anchor: 'Elitist' to Disdain Overcoverage of Michael Jackson

CNN daytime anchor Don Lemon asserted on Sunday's Reliable Sources that claims that the media are overcovering Michael Jackson are "elitist." He twice saluted Jackson as an "accidental civil ...
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