Giuliani-Hostile Reporter Defends David Dinkins As NYC Mayor

Veteran Times reporter Michael Powell doesn't like Rudy Giuliani much: His 2007 profile of then-presidential candidate Giuliani accused the former NYC mayor of stoking racism. Today Powell took on ...

Witty Barney Frank, Meet Senator Al Franken

An article by Michael Powell awards the contested Minnesota Senate seat to Al Franken and revels in the anti-Republican wit of liberal Rep. Barney Frank.

Jabbing at Conservative Catholic Church in Profile of "Obedient Soldier of Rome"

New York's new Archbishop Timothy Dolan is also a "genial enforcer of Rome's ever more conservative writ," according to reporter Michael Powell.

NY Sen. Gillibrand Too Conservative for the Times' Taste

Michael Powell rolls out the "verys" to make Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand some kind of conservative threat to New York State: "Since Gov. David A. Paterson announced her appointment on Friday, she has ...

"Pragmatic" Obama Not a Liberal? The Times Stacks the Deck

Not a "raging liberal"? National Journal might disagree - they named him the most liberal senator in 2007.

Reporter: McCain Played Race Card Defending Himself Against Obama Accusation

Can't win alert: According to Michael Powell, when the McCain camp accused Barack Obama of playing the race card, it was itself playing the race card.

NYT's Powell Claims McCain Camp Started Race Card "Furor"

"Senator Barack Obama is a man of few rhetorical stumbles..."? Michael Powell's front-page report on Obama and the race card gets off to a bad start.

NYT Calls McCain Ad Racist, McCain Camp Likens Editors to Kos Kids

Give me a break: "The ad gave us an uneasy feeling that the McCain campaign was starting up the same sort of racially tinged attack on Mr. Obama that Republican operatives ran against Harold Ford, ...

Michael Cooper Mocks McCain in Three Stories

When the Times isn't relaying Obama's cracks at McCain (with little room for rebuttal), it's mocking him itself: "Mr. McCains campaign has used the overseas trips to try to highlight his foreign ...

Times Defends Michelle Obama, Suggests "Proud" Gaffe Overcovered

Dismissing Michelle Obama's "For the first time...I am really proud of my country" gaffe as a "rhetorical stumble," the Times' Michael Powell and Jodi Kantor (pictured) rally around its pick for ...
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