The Times Gets Its Grand Theory on Ann Coulter All Wrong

Blogger Mickey Kaus undermines the Times' grand theory on conservative commentator Ann Coulter "trotting out a new image", saying it "might strike some as a sleazy and condescending attempt to ...

Conveniently Murky Explanation of Truther Petition Signed By Van Jones

Why didn't the Times' front-page story by John Broder clearly state that Obama adviser Van Jones suggests President Bush knowingly allowed 9-11 to happen?

Times Turnaround? Concerns Over "Death Panels" Suddenly Not So Outlandish

A week after the Times declared concern over health-care rationing under Obama's reforms a "false" idea spread by conservative conspiracists, health care reporter Robert Fear says those "concerns ...

Times Conjures Up Public Support for Amnesty-Style "Immigration Reform"

Do the American people really "overwhelmingly" supporting comprehensive immigration reform - otherwise known as amnesty for illegals? Um, not really, no matter what a rabid Times editorial says.

Kaus on Fire Over NYT's Bad Immigration Polling

Slate's Mickey Kaus: "That NYT -CBS poll purporting to show support for the Kyl-Kennedy semi-amnesty isn't as bad as I realized. It's worse!"

Nina Bernstein, Back on the Pro-Immigration Beat

Do illegal immigrants really raise wages for U.S. workers? And did the detention of Muslims after 9-11 equal the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II.
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