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Solving The Problem With SHIELD

SHIELD's problem is being stuck with the Marvel name.
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Bozell Statement: The MSNBC Brand Is A Tumor

Microsoft’s ill-advised marriage of convenience to NBC News has finally landed in divorce court, and it couldn’t have happened soon enough. Like any marriage built on a lie – in this case that ...

USA TODAY Hypes Topless and 'Adult' Vegas pool parties.

Paper offers a guide to Sin City's raunchy 'daylife.'

A Stomach Ache for Our Sponsors

When Microsoft backed out of sole sponsorship of a raunchy live special from the makers of "Family Guy," it showed that sponsors don't want to be held accountable for subsidizing raunchy content. ...

Dear WSJ: Morici is Wrong on Trade Deficit

Worries about China/U.S. trade is 'unwarranted.'

Dear NY Times: U.S. Economy Overflows with Outliers

Free markets give unprecedented opportunities to many.

Brokaw Presents Economic Worst-Case Scenario to Bill Gates

Former 'Nightly News' anchor asks about Great Depression worries; Microsoft's technology titan remains positive about the U.S economy.

Google CEO: We Need Gov't Regulation of Internet Service Providers

Chairman of search engine Eric Schmidt says government must prevent service providers from crowding out competition.

Bad Company III

For American Businessmen in the News, the Defense Never Rests

Networks That Praise Gates, Bashed Oil Firms

Same media outlets that attacked oil companies for success compliment Microsoft, a more profitable corporation.
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