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CNN's Costello: 'I Just Can't Believe We're Still Talking About Birth Control in 2014'

Carol Costello predictably carried water for the cultural left on Friday's CNN Newsroom during a segment about the firestorm over former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee's "Uncle Sugar" attack on ...
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Chris Matthews Uses Mike Huckabee to Trash 'Cro-Magnon' GOP 'Wacko Birds'

Chris Matthews played his favorite type of game on Thursday, using the comments of one Republican to generalize the entire conservative movement. This time, the Hardball host pounced on remarks by ...
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New York Times Again Falsely Claims Audience Shouted 'Let Him Die!' During GOP Debate

The Times Sunday magazine (with the help of Mike Huckabee) uses a liberal myth about a Republican debate to bash the Republican Party: "During the Republican primary debates, audience members ...
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