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New York Times Displays Its Gun Fear on Sunday's Front Page

Between the multiple editorials calling for stricter gun laws and the denunciations of the NRA by its reporters, it's safe to say the urban liberals at the New York Times lack a cultural affinity ...

NYTimes Twice Ties Right-Leaning ALEC to Trayvon Martin Case; 'Risks of Focusing on Social Issues'

Potraying social conservatism as a loser for the GOP, two Times stories (one on Sunday's front page) take on the right-leaning American Legislative Exchange Council for its extremely tenuous ties ...
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New York Times Again Tries to Get Feds Interested in Probing GOP Fundraising It Doesn't Like

Times reporter Michael Luo (with Mike McIntire) again try to sic the federal government on Republican fundraising groups: "Sharing a consultant would seem to be an embodiment of coordination ...
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