Another Liberal Lob from Times TV Critic Mike Hale, This Time on Gun Control

Mike Hale says HBO documentary "Gun Fight" is "an implicit warning about the dangers of unregulated gun ownership and the power and increasingly apocalyptic tone of Second Amendment ...

Times Critic Queasy About Documentary Critical of Zimbabwe's Marxist Dictator Mugabe

Movie critic Mike Hale watches an anti-Mugabe documentary: "It's possible to honor the suffering of [white farmers in Zimbabwe and to revile the actions of the Mugabe government and, at the same ...

Will Mike Hale's Review of 'My Lai' Documentary Compare It to Iraq, Afghanistan? Of Course

Mike Hale goes there: "The slaughter of hundreds of unarmed villagers in Quang Ngai Province, Vietnam, in March 1968 - an event that came to be known as the My Lai massacre - is both an open wound ...

Mike Hale Describes 'Kindler, Gentler, More Conservative' Bias of 60 Minutes

A Times TV writer finds the CBS show was "more conservative" than leftist comedians and Canadian agitprop shows in the Sixties.

Moon Landing Conspiracy "Not Entirely Unconvincing"

Does the Times have a weakness for left-wing conspiracy theories? Mike Hale is unable to totally dismiss a TruTV documentary, "Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon?"

Mike Hale Can't Stand "Right-Wing Ranter" Glenn Beck Mocking Democrats

Mike Hale can't abide Glenn Beck's mocking of Democrats: "...there was little in the show to reassure those who see Mr. Beck as a right-wing ranter bordering on a demagogue....jokes that pounded ...

Critic Works "Extreme" Patriot Act Criticism Into Review of Oppenheimer Doc

TV critic Mike Hale: "And the more extreme features of the Patriot Act may come to mind when witnessing some of the tactics used in the campaign to smear [J. Robert] Oppenheimer and remove ...

Reporter Says European Health Care Far Superior to "High-Cost" U.S. "Failure"

"If your latest battle with your H.M.O. has you pounding your head with frustration, 'Sick Around the World' on PBS may spur you to more drastic action, like leaving the United States altogether."
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