NYT's Gail Collins on Morning Joe Frets About 'Scary,' Angry Conservatives at CPAC

New York Times columnist Gail Collins appeared on MSNBC's Morning Joe, Thursday, to worry about "scary," fringe conservatives who will be appearing at CPAC in Washington D.C. Picking out certain ...

MSNBC Host Lambastes FNC Exec for Daring 'Undermine' the MSM

NBC White House correspondent and MSNBC daytime host Chuck Todd called it "crazy" for Fox News Washington managing editor Bill Sammon to say "the mainstream media hates the tea party movement ...

Scarborough Shows Low Taxes = Low Unemployment in New Hampshire

MSNBC 'Morning Joe' host draws a parallel between tax rates and unemployment by comparing state to Rhode Island.

NBC's Guthrie on Deficits: $100 Billion Spending Plan No Big Deal, Blame Bush Instead?

Reporting on Obama's push for another $100 billion in "jobs" spending, NBC's Savannah Guthrie chose not to amplify critics who argue we can't afford more massive spending, and instead saluted the ...

'Morning Joe' Guest: Wars, Economic Opportunities Created by Pending 'World Water Crisis'

Author peddles new doom-and-gloom book calling for 'an Al Gore of water' and a 'golden rule' for water usage.

Scarborough: Rahm Fired as White House Chief of Staff 'Over the Next Year'

MSNBC host explains to BBC Radio 4 how anti-lobbyist tack has backfired on Obama administration.

MSNBC's Nancy Snyderman Lobbies for Rationing, Justifies: 'You Ration What Food You Eat'

MSNBC's Dr. Nancy Snyderman appeared on Wednesday's Morning Joe and justified reducing the number of women in their 40s who get mammograms. "No, it is rationing. Let's be clear," she admitted. ...

'Morning Joe': With Fox Feud, Administration Really 'Playing' Rest of Media

Scarborough, guests agree White House is sending a message to others not to follow FNC's lead.

Politico's Mike Allen: Networks Have to Cover 'Real News;' Too Busy to Talk About ACORN

The Politico's Mike Allen appeared on Wednesday's Morning Joe to both defend the mainstream media's decision to ignore the ACORN controversy. Commenting on a piece he wrote about the subject, ...

N.Y. Congressman Pushes 'Medicare-for-all' on 'Morning Joe'

'Morning Joe' fails to note problems in claim there is no need for private insurers.
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